Our Firm

“Legal Solutions Group” is just that, a group of knowledgeable and experienced legal professionals ready to tackle your every legal issue no matter how big or small.

Our network consist of experienced Lawyers, Paralegals, Immigration Consultants, Legal Assistants who by working together strive to achieve the best possible legal representation for each individual client.

Andrea Sesum is the founder of “Legal Solutions Group (LSG Professional Corporation) ” Mrs. Sesum is a Member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, Former College Professor, Advisory Board Member for Paralegal Programs and Legal Aid of Ontario Immigration and Refugee Board Member.. In her spare time, she mentors students and strives to provide valuable learning work environment for them. Mrs. Sesum’s business success story as well as her personal contributory articles regarding different legal issues had been published in several magazines and newspapers such as “Toronto Sun”.

Mrs. Sesum has dedicated her career to assisting people within various communities with their unique legal issues;

“We know how difficult, frustrating and unfamiliar the “legal process” can be for a client and that is why we are committed to assisting you with your legal matter in every step of the way.”

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